October 29 birthday numerology

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You are able to connect to people on an emotional level. More importantly, you are able to motivate them on an emotional level. No amount of material incentives can motivate you quite like emotional incentives.

Born On The 29th? (Numerology Of 29)

Lovers born on October 29 th are great lovers overall. Not only do you take good care of yourself physically, you also make sure that your romantic partner is fulfilled in all areas. However, you are loyal to a fault.

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The worst part to all of this is that you are perfectly happy with such an imbalance. In fact, it only takes the worst form of betrayal for you to finally get a clue. Those with a birthday on October 29 are great natural leaders. Leadership is not just about knowing stuff. To be a great leader, you have to emotionally engage people you are working with. You have to make them feel that they are emotionally invested in the success of the project. They take ownership of the project and they are able to put in the proper amount of time, effort, and energy to maximize success.

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However, these promotions are not necessarily formal. In your mind, symbolic rewards are the same as material rewards. Even though you may not be rewarded with a fat paycheck, feeling that you are doing something worthwhile is reward enough. You are driven primarily by non-material rewards. You look at your payoffs in life in emotional terms. Not surprisingly, you are able to achieve quite a bit in your life.

You are able to focus, and this reassures people around you because they would know that the job or project will have a happy ending. You tend to get into relationships that are very imbalanced. People realize that you have a tremendous amount of inner strength and confidence. Unfortunately, a lot of these people cannot be trusted. A lot of them are users.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Beware of emotional parasites. Emotional rewards drive you. Your sense of emotional urgency is your secret to success. In many cases, you prefer emotional and symbolic incentives over tangible or material rewards. Personal relationships will benefit from inner work: Take up Yoga, try psychological or marriage counseling or plan to take workshops or classes that perfect skills — work on your inner growth any way you can.

You build an inner storehouse of faith and knowledge that no one and nothing that happens to you in life will take away!

October 29 Birthday Horoscope

All forms of inner spiritual and intellectual work will bring peace and contentment now and material rewards in the future. Thanks for your many comments regarding my books, numbers and the Blog design.

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