December 16 horoscope for leo

Dubbed a minor planet by astronomers nowadays, Chiron is often referred to as the Wounded Healer by astrologers. You may have grappled with parental problems, a difficult home life or old family wounds opening up. Despite your adventurous spirit, you might have hidden in your shell when you felt sensitive, moody or vulnerable.

Now that Chiron is turning direct in your cognition-and-communication zone, you may feel ready to share your ideas. Nervous energy could have kept you on edge, and maybe you had difficulty writing, processing information or learning. Hurt probably impacted the way you think sometimes, leading to destructive thought patterns.

Some of your perceptions were likely off-base, and at worst, you felt stupid and afraid to chime in. Speak your truth!

Daily horoscope for Sunday December 16 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

However, with verbal Mercury sneaking into the last house in your chart, you might keep mum for a few more weeks as you mull over memories and tune into your intuition and imagination. With the minor planet Chiron getting back into gear in your worth zone, self-esteem issues and financial fears come back into focus, inviting you to transcend them and grow.

Known as the Wounded Healer in astrology, Chiron has been retrograde since July. During these years, you may have found yourself fearing lack, loss and instability and might have done a bit of hoarding in connection with those fears. Perhaps you covered up pain with retail therapy or felt insecure about your talents and undervalued your natural gifts. It might help you to get back in touch with nature or with your own sensuality. Chiron, a so-called minor planet, has been hanging out in Pisces for most of the last eight years, and in July, he went retrograde.

You probably found it difficult to assert yourself and to start things, especially if it seemed like your efforts would be futile. Maybe you took your cues from the outside rather than trusting yourself or swung in the other direction and were independent to a fault. And unfortunately, Chiron may have made you unhappy with your appearance sometimes.

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Mars in Pisces is collaborating with Pluto in your group sector, so you might opt to team up with others to get something off the ground. Chiron is known as a minor planet in astronomy and is often called the Wounded Healer by astrologers, due to his role in mythology. You may have sensed your connection to other living beings and the universe as a whole but also yearned for more personal identity.

Chiron could have elicited a sort of existential grief, vague guilt or a painful longing for the unattainable. Your soul was somehow resistant to choosing and manifesting, but you learned compassion for the suffering of others and the healing quality of our divine oneness. Chiron has been classified as an asteroid, comet and minor planet by astronomers and is known as the Wounded Healer by astrologers.

Groups—like your squad—have probably brought out your insecurities now and then. And speaking of deep, Mercury is heading back into your depth sector this week, encouraging you to dive into a research project, an investigation or an emotional inquiry. Profound reflection and dialogue can have a powerful effect on you as draws to a close. Chiron has been backtracking since the 4th of July and is currently doing a U-turn at the top of your chart. For the past eight years, Chiron has brought out your need for approval and success.

Your daily lookahead horoscope: December 16

At times, you may have been plagued by fears of failure and felt the pain of not achieving your goals or not receiving recognition. Partnerships of all kinds creative, romantic, business should see smooth sailing this week, especially if you have a positive attitude about working on the relationship and share a mutual objective. As Mercury moves into your efficiency zone, your mental focus will enable you to analyze everything in detail. You may have gotten hurt while sharing your real self with another person, and the idea of being that vulnerable again leaves you gun-shy.

A close relationship might have opened old wounds from childhood, and perhaps you felt powerless. Cancer, your hard work ethic just doesn't end because it's the weekend. You can find a way to apply your energy at home and be productive. If you have the need to create a work from home space, today would be a great day to do that type of one-day project.

Leo Weekly Horoscope from 16th December 2013

Making business cards for freelance opportunities can be a good way to spend the afternoon, too. Leo, you may feel capable of anything today.

December Birthday Horoscope Astrology (In Pictures) |

Having a good time and finding what you enjoy doing can be a game in itself. From singing in the shower, to playing your favorite karaoke tunes and practicing a few favorite songs, letting yourself cut loose is a needed release. Sharing the couch while watching a throw back film is a fun way to spend this day.

Looking over past financial records before going to bed may be on the planner too. Taxes are coming up in a few months. Thinking about the life you want to live is a noble topic of discussion and worth planning towards, too. Scorpio, listen to your body. You have plenty of time to plan.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Cutting up fresh veggies. Drink water. Rest, even a cat nap will help. The more you take care of you, the more you can do and your body can care for you needs, too. Today's Moon opens up your health sector, which is a positive reminder on the importance of self care. From getting your nails done to pampering yourself with a mini facial or an hair mask so you're feeling like your best version of self, you can take today and make it the springboard that launches a beautiful week.

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Sagittarius, g ive yourself something to look forward to doing. If you're a sentimental personality type, writing little love notes, penning a poem while listening to some romantic songs can put you in a loving mood all week, as it should. With the Moon opening up your romantic side, your heart is wide open to embrace all things sentimental and sweet. Capricorn, t here's a pep in your step, and it could make you feel ultra sensitive when around people who seem to have no zing or zest for life.

Focusing on your own drive will keep your energy up. Avoid energy vampires.


Aquarius, today, you may feel like chatting with an old friend or co-worker about happy and positive things that lift your spirit. You might enjoy listening to a positivity podcast while getting errands done. Pisces, enjoy the comforts of home. Things you love to do, like making a fresh pot of soup, or going to a restaurant that has your favorite meal and dessert.

Today is a wonderful day for remember the treasures in life that make it sweet.

It doesn't have to cost anything either. Pull out your family photos or organize your online image collections to collage them can remind you how treasured you are and how much love you have, too. Follow Us. Sign in. Aria Gmitter. Zodiac December 15, Tarot card: The Lovers Cancer, your hard work ethic just doesn't end because it's the weekend. admin