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Learn how you can use Numerology to gain greater insight and understanding for your life's specific Rites of Passage. Easter is a holiday which symbolizes the resurrection of the Christ, the "Annointend One. In this Podcast, Dawn shares a simple but powerful way to clear out stagnent inner energies or habits that are holding you back - a perfect accompaniment to spring cleaning! Have you ever gone through a challenging period of time that just didn't line up with your numerological profile, astrological transits, tarot cards, palm lines or even your intuition?

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This happens to all of us from time to time, and the answers just may be found in your Pinnacle Cycle Numbers. Find out what these key cycles are in your life and how to use them to see the BIG picture of your situation and Soul Growth intent! Do you feel blocked when it comes to manifesting your desires? Do you wonder in frustration why, even though you create the vision board, say the affirmations and line up with your numerological profile, you STILL can't seem to manifest what you want?

If your answer is "Yes! Find out how you might be getting in your own way and how cultivating patience may help you bring what you want to you more quickly! In this podcast, Dawn reveals the biggest struggle people have when it comes to "Soul Mates. You'll also learn how you can use Numerology to gain insight into your relationships with partners, spouses, family or even friends.

Hi Pobitro Roy P. Rahul Roy ad. I'd like to know more details about the types of shots you want so I can better understand what to take to benefit you and the product. Let me know and we can definitely set up a proposal. I want a native English speaker and writer to co-author a book with me. The book is already getting lots of interest, and your name will be on the cover.

I will not pay for this service. A nameless girl with golden wings appears in a forest. She is a Fi Hi Shraddha! How have you been? I'm sorry my previous account was closed so I couldn't contact you.

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You have written a book for me on Pride and Prejudice. Are you available to write another book of words? Actually it's rewriting game of throne season 8, episode 6 based on A Memory of Light. Looking forward to your message. Thanks Sujan Roy. We are looking for some graphic designs to be able to post up as frames in our waiting area Looking for designs that are in the dimensions of 36"X48" as a picture frame We are looking for 2 designs that work together and convey the same story differently We are an Auto Repair Shop in Canada.

We service all makes and models. We have been in business for 52 Years. Established in T We require a logo re-design after over 20 years. We have been in business for over 53 years. We are an automotive repair facility called Roy Barber Services. We would prefer to have blue accents in the logo. We would also need a social media kit with source files Current logo is attached We own many businesses and are currently looking for designers to help us continue to generate content. The user interface of your program should look something like this: Choose an option: Add a new block to the chain View the chain Check chain validity Search for a block Mine new block Enter your choice: Specific Requirements: R1: Create a function for generating hashes R2: Create a Block data structure R3: Create a Blockchain data structure R4.

Create a program that adds blocks to your Hi, We have an incomplete bidding website that is based on numerology for our client in Thailand. Our website works very well on its number search system developed on WordPress. Our website design is fully approved and we have its log in sections also fully operational may be some tweaking required there. We dont need any payment gateway integration in our website.

What we need is only A Bid I'd like you to go the following website, select Bellevue, Kirkland, and Seattle from the cities listed under the box labeled "city". Then scrape the list of buildings that populates in the box labeled "Building name". Put each building into it's own row on an excel document and send to me. Website below: [ingia ili uone URL]. Note please :- am only student. Am not working any field right no. Any body teaching me perticular this field. Monthly India rupees i will pay for this job.

Thank you. Abir roy. Good morning, We need a bidding website that can accept bids in real time based on numerology methods and statistics. The website must be able to offer log in channels through Google Gmail , Facebook and normal email account log in. Simple but very responsive website needed. No payment gateway required at this stage. Only bank transfer is applicable for now. I believe that great Personal Assistants are born, not made. Hi arcticdragon, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project.

I found a similar driver here: [ingia ili uone URL] for nRf51, it should be straight forward to make the necessary changes and integrate it. Thanks, Roy. Hi Roy D. I need a logo ASAP.

Jeniel Phone: Fax: Email: jeniel comcast. Jenkins, Palden Address: P. Jetter, Laurie Twilight M. Phone: 1- Email: laurietwilight yahoo. Johansson, Anders B. Computer progr. John Somoza Phone: Email: horaryreview verizon. Joli Campbell Email: mtnhuny yahoo. My sp. The accurecy is must from my side. In addidion, I am coaching astrology in institution.

Joy Archer Phone: Email: joyarcher3 juno. Foxx Dr. Judd, Bette D. Natal, progressed and transits, returns, horary, synastry. Jumaani, Jhernna S. Email: buzz. Jumaani, Sanjay B. Kahl, Jamie Phone: Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person's choices. Provides full range of astrological services. Kathy Rose Email: roseastrology yahoo. Kazemi, Kaye Phone: Address: 15 W. Keenon, Alicia Phone: Email: aliciak ibm.

She specializes in evolutionary development and relationships. He believe his experience as a life coach and NLP master practitioner adds value to his astrological readings because clients feel empowered rather than a victim exposed to a series of random events or situations. Websit www. Author of "The Fundamentals of Astrology" workbook. In depth bitth chart analysis, counsel.

Kemp, Willian, V. Kenyon, Virginia L. Phone: Email: vkenyon comcast. Birth: Phone: Email: vkenyon11 yahoo. Ker, Michael B. Kerry, Jillian M. Currently studying for the Level 2 Certification. Also, twice certified professional life coach. Please, visit www. Relocational Astrology. Deep Space Astrology. Asteroids and Goddess Astrology.

Published in Llewellyn's Sun Sign Book. Kevin D. This work can be purchased, in hard copy, or e-book format, from Raphael's website. Khoschen- Klein, Isreal M. Birth: Phone: Fax: Email: monius. Kiley, Shirle USA Acrophonology, the study of the meaning of the letters in one's names; computer software; correspondence course.

Ebertin; international lecturer. King, Kyra C. I have experience with holistic health therapy and can refer clients to the best local holistic healers and doctors. Kinsman, Warren D. Phone: Address: 36th St. Kirleis, Kathryn A. Kiss, E. Klamkin, Miriam Phone: Email: miriam nightvisionastrology. Klushka, Edward J. Phone: Address: Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati,, OH , USA psychics and psychology; 20 year in practice; author of "Astrological Megatrends"; natal, relationships, locality, business, horary.

Knauer, Alice A. Knight, Sharon M. Phone: 00 44 Email: batshall aol. Knox-Carr, Wendy J. Gender futurist, planetary myth systems, counseling. Steiner College. Kopet, Shirley M. USA taught graphology 15 years. Algunoor H. Kramer, Arlene A. Phone: Address: Victory Blvd. Krantz, Florence B. Box , Wycombe, PA. Professional MemberA. Practicing since Worked with Donna Cunningham in establishing the "Astrologer's Memorial" website.

Krishnan, R. P , India Horoscope,a complete study including stone recommendation,numerlogy,tarot card readings,vedic astrology,vaastu. Speciality : Solution for any type of problem. Krofel, Barbara J. This is a highly effective and unique system devised by Ashok Kumar. This system uses a combination of Astrology, Vastu, and Numerology to solve your problems in a very sure and effective way. Kumar, Dr. Rakesh Phone: Email: ishwarcenter gmail. Lamb, Theresa H. Lamb, William Phone: Email: zodiac bellsouth. Lane, Sheryl Phone: Email: brighteyesiam yahoo.

Langdon, Terrance L. Lapietra, Mercedes Phone: Email: info. Huron St. Lavelle, Michelle A. Software"; horary astrologer. Life member of NCGR. Writes the Monthly Ast. Forecast in the Northern Illinois Chapret Newsletter. Layman, Marvin V. Leaman, Linda J. Natal, transit, synastry and composite charts. Leclerc, F. Phone: Email: admin astro-pro. Your natat chart or previsions on audio tapes by regular mail 25 years of experience. Joseph also teaches A Course in Miracles and uses the principle of Atonement in his work. In his free time, he enjoys herbology, extreme sports and meditation.

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Joseph is a masterful artist trained in both Classical and Evolutionary Astrology. Soul-Level Guidance. Lee, Janet B. Lehman, J. Lee Phone: Email: lee leelehman. Toe River Rd. Leinbach, Ester V. Lenard, Kathy Email: km aol. She has Reh Dair. Kathy Collected clear glass rose color dishes and kitchen ware. She did a reading for my wife after I did some painting in her house. I have tried to find her for a long time. Kathy means very, very much to my wife and I and if she can talk to us please tell her I'm at phone Thanks, Ken and Suzanne Miller.

Lennon, Deanna Phone: Fax: Email: roger cybertours. Lentz, Nancy E. Box , Eugene, OR Psychologically oriented consultations, current cycles, business, family and relatio. Thanks for listing me. Dublin, Ireland. Author of "Crossing the Threshold - the Astrology of Dreaming".

Littlejohn, Frances J. Livne, Yaron Birth: Llewellyn, Dick Phone: Address: P. English Huber School of Astr. Counselling Astrological-Psychology Institute. Lovatt, Sean Address: 34 Cowl St. Luke, Keith D. Lundquist, Judy Phone: Address: W. Lynn Staudacher Phone: Email: Lynn paths2awareness. Compatability and Birth charts make great gifts for Weddings and Birthdays. Maass, Dorothy B. MacAllister, Ian Phone: Email: ian ianmacallister. Macek, Kenneth W.

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Horary, Solar returns, transits and progressions. Also the proud owner of Friends and Lovers. Madam Kighal Phone: Email: madamkighal gmail. Spritual reader and Therapist. Let's use the stars, cards and above all love to enter into the Spiritual World. Write to madamkighal gmail. Madey, Jane USA radio and TV personality in Ohio; psychic-astrologer; reads tarot cards, performs regressions, interprets dreams; balanced using gems. Maertens, Chantilly Phone: Email: astro astromatrix.

Maharaj, Jai Email: jai mantra. Over 40 years of experience. Mahdak, Julie F. Health, horary, rectification, prediction. Mahgoub, Sarwat Birth: Email: thastro link. Maiolino, Rev. Vast knowledge and experience, with over 30 years in practice in Philadelphia and New York City. Malhotra, Dr. Mann, A. Manoranjan A. Mantley, Clay F. Mantovani, Elisabeth Phone: 39 Email: elisabeth larosenoire. Zoccoli , Modena, Italy. This is a personal, private forecast, in person or by phone. Please call or email for free first forecast.

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Have your birthdate, time of birth as closely as you know it , and place of birth hand. Ask me your specific questions about your own future, and tell me your current status married, work, etc. Marcelina Phone: Email: marcelina marcelinaww. March, Marion D. Is a frequent contributor of articles to professional publications.

Maria, Satova Birth: 3. Marie Helena Cisneros Phone: Email: popess yahoo. I also do Celtic Astrology and have developed a new form of this. Mario F. Centro Astrologico de Salta, Salta, , Argentina. Box , NY, NY I have appeared on television programs in CT and Long Island. Vignette, Carol Moore, a weekly television program. Also, beyond the unexplained with Janet Russell. Marks, Robert J. Phone: Email: astrolbob yahoo. Specializes in psychotherapy. Specializes in natal, transits and progressions.

Natal, compatibility and horary. Martin, Hugh B. Martin Company. Martin, Linda Phone: Address: P. Specializing in humanistic , spiritual, karmatic, predictive astrology, and relationship charts. By appointment only. Martin, Vivian B. Is the author of "Astrocycles: How to Make Mary Anna Abuzahra Phone: Email: maryanna mazahra. Is an authorized dealer of Astrolabe sof. Mathur, DS Email: mathurastro yahoo. State St. Maurantonio, Rosemary Phone: Address: N. May, Barbara Phone: Address: N. Natal, helio, horary and mundane. Maya, Su Phone: Email: Su juno. Mayers, Jeffrey L. We specialize in relationships, business astrology, progressions, life path progress, and symbols.

Natal, forecasting, synastry and composite. McCarthy, Laura N. Phone: Address: Grove St. Natal, transits, abstract astrology art. McClough, Whitney L. Birth: Feb. Plan your life and future with an Astrological consult. Understand the cycles of your life, and what they mean. Learn to take advantage of life's cycles to better and enrich your life! Blessings, Whitney. McCutcheon, Capel N. Is the founder of Astrological Socie.

McDevitt, Theresa H. McEvoy, Frances C. Phone: Address: Common St. McRae, Chris Phone: Email: cmcrae interbaun. Contain high level astrological articles written by renowned astrologers from all over the World about psychological, predictive, medical, mundane, Hindu astrology, synastry, and much more. Authors, subscribers, bokshops and resellers are welcome. Publisher and Editor: Jorge Mele. Megert, Rudolf Birth: Email: rmworldwide hotmail. Mehdiratta, Sonia Birth: Mehlhop, Frank Birth: Is the author of "Elemental Voids: More then Meets Meister, Margaret Address: Evergreen St.

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Mele, Jorge Birth: Phone: 54 11 Email: mediumcoeli fibertel. An astrological magazine published in Spanish for students, astrologers and all people interested in the study of astrology. Contain high level astrological articles written by renowned astrologers from all over the World about psychological, predictive, medical, mundane, Hindu astrology, synastry, and more.

Melton, J. Merlin Emrys Email: merlin evening-sun. Merlino, Linda L. Specializes in astrological profiles for adults, children and newborns. Websites are divine-reason-and-rhyme. Merrick, Sundae Birth: Phone: Email: aaashakti msn. My specialties are relationships, personal growth, major business and life decisions and health.

I give a positive supportive reading, if there are challenges, I identify them and help to develop an action plan to meet them so you can make more inspired choices for your highest and best outcomes. I care about my clients. Merriman, Raymond A. Worked as professional astrolog since -Opened firsth occult shop in Turkey in -Written 4 books on tarot and astrology between two new books on astrological tarot are about to be printed. Worked with prof. Profession:Pharmacist to the crown in Belgium, Master degree in philosophie, adherent member of Jungian psycho-analyst in Belgium.

Specializes in career, relationship, horary, electional, relocation analysis and rectificarion. Websites: www. Mickler, Donna J. Is the author of "Ray Centered Astrology. Esoteric astrolog. Milar, Kemal Birth: Milkey, Kathryn H. Miller, Charles J. Miller, H. Douglas USA weather predicting; astrological analysis of military engagements. Miller, Rev. Miller, Ruth Phone: Address: P. Milligan, Bob Phone: Address: P. Mock, Roger F. Molnar, Brenda Birth: 02 Phone: Email: planetsnstars zoominternet.

Monroe, H. Moore, Eugene A. Moore, Grant Birth: Dec.

Unahitaji kumuajiri mfanykazi huru afanye kazi?

In Taiwan, Email: astrologer peoplese. Western astrology horoscopes given in English, Spanish, and Chinese languages. Happy Maxtrix Software customer since mid s. Moore, Natori Phone: Address: N. Church Astrological Studies Program. Writes Astrologue monthly column in acting industry publication in. Deborah also undertakes ongoing work and conducts consultations in person, by phone and by e-mail, and looks forward to hearing from you. Morgan, Marilyn Birth: Phone: Email: mrgnmar ameritech. Morris, Grace K. Morrison, Al H. Birth: 19??. Morrow, June A. Several newspaper articles.

Natal, progression, relationships, relocation. Mosley, Sandra S. Moss, Karen Email: karen starwatch. Mostofi, Ali Phone: Stock Market Astrologer, providing correlations to aspectarians with stock markets and many other financial and commodity markets. Tutorials given. Her avid interest in reading as a child led her to the study of astrology, and she has been casting horoscopes since the age of sixteen. Around the same, she discovered she had the ability to read palms, which she later developed into a talent for interpreting the ancient Tarot.

Mwezi has been featured on the radio programs, The Uhuru Sounds, aired both on public and commercial stations in Philadelphia. Her 5 minute segments, entitled The Humanistic Astrologer explained such basic questions as "What is a Horoscope? She has also been featured on the television talk show, Profiles, aired on Channel 57 in Philadelphia.

She has written the weekly Horoscope column for the Philadelphia Tribune, as well as theme oriented astrology articles for their monthly magazine. Mwezi is the owner of AstroAnalysis and CompuStar astrology reports. She is currently working on her first book, Sex and the Sun Signs.

Visit her website under construction at www. Muise, Roxana Phone: Address: P. Mull, Carol S. Munkasey, Michael P. Phone: Fax: Address: S. Murphy, Margaret Birth: 7. Myers, Linda Pharr Phone: Email: starfish89 q. Myrray, Rose USA language arts and literature specialist; teacher at the Carrol Righter Foundation: compatibility and advanced astrology. Astrologer, psychic, medical intuitive, angel reader offers guidance and accurate predictions.

NAGI, Dr. Birth: feb. Nagle, Jessie L. USA 20 years in practice; own TV show. Nash, Evelyn S. Box , Cottonwood, AZ Several book and many articles. Relationship reading, natal projections and. Negus, Kenneth G. President of the Astrological Society of Princeton. Astrological poetry, arti. Please visit my web sites at www. Nesmith, G. Neto, Arthur Luiz M. Has written a few articles.

Specializes in electional and horary. Weingarten - Director. Niehenke, Peter Phone: Address: Lorettostr. Niemann, Henry P. X Address: P. Box , Wadiassir, , Jordan. Teach classes in uranian astrology. Specializes: prediction, busines. Noble, Marian L. Norah Nasturas Phone: Email: norahastrology rogers. English, French, and Spanish. Northstar was trained by some of the best local, national, and international teachers in astrology, tarot, and the old ways of the native american shaman. Nowak, Teresa Phone: Fax: Email: thelema poczta.

Ntouvlis, Christos Phone: , Email: ntouvlis otenet. Odierno, Leslie Birth: Phone: Email: lodierno gmail. Oken, Alan Phone: Address: P. Specializes in spiritual and psychological. Olges, Carol A. Taped, written and email and Internet capabilities.. Olsen, Amela M. Oscar Birth: 23march Phone: 83 34 Email: omunozmichel yahoo. C , Mexico this adress its my job adress the phone also my phone office. Oswald, Jeanette K. Has been broadcasting over 10 years. Specializes in health and synastry. Ott, Dagmar USA certified esoteric astrologer, instructor and lecturer; three books; photographer portraiture, wildlife, nature scenes.

Owens, Patrick P. Paalvast, Leo Birth: Phone: Email: info astro-advies. Society; relationships and vocations. Paessler, Dirk Birth: Page, Donna Phone: Email: donna lovinglightastrologer. Painter, William H. admin