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When he retreats to explore the mysteries of his inner life, he becomes open and innocent like a child. Justice holds the scales, asking you to weigh your desires against your needs. In order to reach a fair outcome, you must put your feelings and emotions aside. When you reach the light at the end of the tunnel of indecision, you will be able to serve the greater good.

Like your Tarot card, Death, you welcome transformation. You often shed your skin like a snake, seeking to release your spirit and be reborn. Because you are able to detach yourself from the ties that bind others, it's easy for you to change your identity, making you the mysterious person everyone wants to figure out. Like your card, Temperance, you are a gifted mediator, able to find common ground by balancing out judgments with genuine understanding and awareness.

Like a steadily-meandering stream, you work your way through whatever difficulties get in the way. The Devil card encourages you to face your shadow-self in order to gather the knowledge necessary for spiritual transformation. It advises you to reflect on any negativity that has made you doubt yourself, swap it for confidence and hold fast to your highest vision of who you are. Your card, The Star, focuses on your optimism. Email Horoscopes Email address.

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October 9, Five of Pentacles Things are starting to look up in your finances. Ways to gain new money and build on capital are possible. It is possible to rebuild or repair a relationship that had been lost. Time of strain is over and new hope is born. Possibility a regaining of health. Recovery is slow but steady and brighter days are ahead. A lost loved one may be returning. Tarot Reading. A different opportunity materializes that attracts greater finances your way.

People from the past can be instrumental in adding a fresh chance for monetary abundance. Return all calls. Scorpio: Your head might spin with all the different options in love this new Moon. You have the choice of spending your time in the company of a loved one, or being more independent and setting a few boundaries in your relationship because you need greater space. Commitment issues surface. Your sense of freedom will affect your actions. Sagittarius: Your mental wellness needs to be taken into consideration this new Moon.

Avoid getting involved in any stressful situations around the job. Odd circumstances might heighten the levels of aggravation between you and your coworkers. It's best to keep a low profile and not get too involved with irritable situations. Capricorn: Don't neglect your social life this new Moon. You'll have lots of chances to meet and greet new associates which can be a major source of amusement for you. Be careful of lines being crossed…a long time friend can quickly turn into a love relationship. You have lots of other people to meet.

Aquarius: Pace yourself around the new Moon.

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Avoid being overwhelmed. Deal with one matter at a time…but do be prepared to work hard to get things in order this month. Pisces: You get lots of positive attention around the new Moon. Your charisma is amazing and you'll have nice chances to meet people who are of interest to you. You get a boost in your self worth. People will go to great lengths to know you better.

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If you're looking for a new circle of friends the energy of the new Moon is ready to create ways to make it happen. The red bird like figure appears to be unaffected by the burning fire and raises its wings to fly away from danger. This card represents 'rebirth,' or one who escapes the 'flames of destruction' to rise again and have a new chance to start over.

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In traditional Tarot, this card is the Ten of Wands. It is interpreted as 'a man struggling with a bundle', suggesting that he has taken on more that he can handle.

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The spiritual definition is a man struggling to remove barriers that have held him down. The theme of getting out of, or away from some difficulty is implied here.

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  6. Your 'Course of Action' inspires you to acknowledge a battle or struggle you're. On the 31st, 'mental' planet Mercury goes retrograde. The planet Mercury rules the thought process and the ability to communicate.

    Sun enters Scorpio

    There is a strong suggestion that the battles you are fighting can be more 'mental'… and that the fight for control is within yourself. The Mercury retrograde will occur in the 'transformational' sign of Scorpio. Look below to see how the Mercury retrograde might influence your month…. Aries: People from the past search for you this Mercury RX. Resentful feelings over an old matter stirs the desire to get a few concerns off their chest. Unless you're up for the conversation, avoid it. The truth is that some things shouldn't be revisited.

    This is a matter or letting 'old dogs lay,' and staying away from reopening past situations. Taurus: A conversation with a loved one can be the 'straw that breaks the camels back,' If you've been more than tolerant in a difficult love matter, the Mercury RX unleashes toxic words that will end a romantic situation. Be careful with your communications this Mercury RX unless you're looking for a way out of a situation and you need to find the courage to do so. Gemini: Tune into your health needs. The Mercury RX uncovers a couple of things you should pay attention to. Getting more rest is always a great place to start and ridding certain foods brings a greater sense of wellness.

    If you need a doctor go ahead and make an appointment. Cancer: Love secrets from the past return this Mercury RX. An old love wants to remind you of the passion that might still exist in a previous relationship. A careful decision will be needed. A twist in romance can take something old and turn it into something new! Leo: The Mercury RX is not the best time to speak your mind with certain family members.

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    Major upheaval can occur if the wrong thing is said or a touchy subject is mentioned. Do what you can to keep the peace and avoid saying anything that might cause a problem. Stay away from unhappy people in your family if possible! The aggravation is not worth the conversation. Virgo: Your mind is sharper this Mercury RX. This is an ideal period to go over a few persistent problems and look for a different kind of solution. It might be necessary to shut down your social activities and spend a week or so alone.

    You could really use some time alone. The Mercury RX is perfect for mentally getting organized. Libra: Don't think twice about getting rid of an acquaintance who takes you for granted. The Mercury RX opens up your awareness of how people are treating you. You won't even have to have a conversation to figure out their motives. Actions speak louder than words this Mercury RX and the things you thought were happening behind your back proves to be true. Scorpio: Be prepared for old lovers to cross your path this Mercury RX. If unanswered questions have stayed in your mind, you might get a chance to have them addressed if you think it necessary.

    There is a reason why the two of you are no longer together.

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    Sagittarius: Someone approaches you with a secret to share. Information about an enemy will be helpful to keep you away from harm. Avoid sharing anything that's been told to you in confidence.

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